Welcome to a page about NaNoWriMo hipster PDAs. I am NewMexicoKid, co-Municipal Liaison (ML) for the Illinois::Naperville region of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). A hipster PDA is a concept invented by Merlin Mann in 2004: a pack of index cards with a clip where each card serves a different function as a retro-PDA (Personal Digital Assistant). In 2005, I introduced to the NaNoWriMo ML community the NaNoWriMo hipster PDA.

So what kinds of cards do you keep in a NaNo hipster PDA?

  • reference links to important sites
  • advice cards for noveling
  • NaNo calendar
  • blank cards
  • story board cards
  • cards with forms upon them for various purposes

What do you use your hPDA for?

For myself, mostly I use it to have blank index cards with me at all times so I can jot down ideas when the muse is with me. Helpful references or inspirational cards can also be useful.



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